Today 17th of January 2017 marks the end of all underground work of Team in making sure that our efforts day and night for several months now come to fruition. 18TH OF JANUARY 2017 IS THE OPENING DATE FOR SHOPPING AT SUFTEL.COM. Don't Miss out on the Amazing Discounts, Free Shipping, Promo Prices, Genuine Products, Fast Shipping, Technical Support For Life, etc.

To be frank, I cannot but appreciate all the people behind the scene working tirelessly in actualizing what I will describe as DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY SHIFT IN ONLINE SHOPPING SERVICES in Nigeria currently.

We have come a long way in our bid to make certain that online shoppers are at ease when considering ordering for products online. Yes, it is no long a news that Nigerians are now preferring buying things online at the comfort of their bedroom, because currently there are many online portals selling different products, though not without some CHALLENGES. And on this ground that emerged to salvage this disturbing issues.

We took our time to understudy issues challenging online platforms in Nigeria and the world over, and we discovered the main issues that needed to be addressed to make shopping online a memorable experience for everyone. In addressing these issues, we decided here to inform you our potential associate 7 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD SHOP AT SUFTEL.COM when we finally lift up the flag  tomorrow.

These reasons are noting but the beginning of the numerous things that will be unfolded as you get linked to, and they are:

Based on the report of our thorough market and customer research carried out before establishing this platform, we have strong conviction to offer the following below in order to achieve our entire business purpose:

(1)          0% product return platform due to right product delivery. With this we make 100% sure that no                customer shall return any product ordered due to wrong colour, features, brand, size,       description, or because of damage.

(2)           Customer’s Dedicated Personal Assistance (DPA). We provide a dedicated staff to each and      every     one of our customers to handle issues peculiar to the customer in the cause of our                business relationship with them, be it individual or organization.

(3)          Wholesale and Retail Platform. Our platform is reckoned as enabling wholesalers of mobile         phones, computers & laptops, electronics and their accessories alongside retail sales in the industry.

(4)          Corporate Charity. In our bid to support knowledge based economy, we have mapped out 0.5%               from every product sold to establish Suftel Programming and Research Institute to empower            youths between the ages of 18-40 as a way of giving back to the Nigerian society and the world       at large.

(5)          SUFTEL.COM has an easy navigation and ordering processes to make shopping very enjoyable to             our numerous customers across the nation of Nigeria. 

(6)          SUFTEL.COM offers full Technical Support to every customer and to every product bought on    our platform throughout the life span of the product.

(7)          SUFTEL.COM stays open 24*7/365 to buy or to sell and proffers maximum of 24 hours e-mail      reply to all inquiries and complaints.

Thank you for shopping, please tell others about us!!! Suftel……experience peace!!!