Strategies On How To Market A Smartphone

Sales is a journey. If the customer does not understand where you are headed and why she should come along, she won't.

More and more people are adopting smartphones and many are even switching to them completely. This means that the tasks that were earlier done with the help of computers or desktops are now being done using smartphones. Moreover, the popularity of smartphones has given rise to an insatiable appetite for content and has made people increasingly impatient. If people are not able to access content on their smartphones, they give up all attempts to access the content and move on to another website that offers content tailored to be accessed on smartphones.

There are many e-commerce sites that are been launched day by day and the basic tips to make such store popular is to include some common products that are in high demand. Beside that price comparison is a vital matter. A cell phone user always seeks for compatible accessories that are available in an affordable price.
Below are the strategies needed on how to market a smartphone:-

 Find Out What Your Customers Want

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that your opinion about your customers matters because it doesn’t at all. Find out what your customers want from you and how you can better deliver it to them, and then, get out of the way.

Sharpen your mobile presence around what your customers have told you they want — not what you assumed or what you want them to want from you. According to Seth Talbott Preferling, he said “You can destroy a perfectly good business with brilliant but worthless opinions about your customers”.

 Finding new 'mobile habits' is key

And while you work on being more available, you also have to do more in order to get – and keep – their attention.
One underutilized way of doing so is to understand that 'being mobile' does not just mean being able to access information, but it also means a lot of new habits.

These new habits are so important to marketers because ‘habits are the new viral'. That is, if you can tap into your customers' new habits effectively, then you stand to enjoy the organic growth that comes from a viral campaign.

 Have a Great Mobile Design

To me, mobile is all about the experience. There is no more questioning if customers will purchase via mobile; we already know they will. But it needs to be a seamless, natural experience to browse, shop and checkout.

 Include a Price Comparison

Your customers are going to compare prices anyway, so have a price comparison on your mobile app. As long as your products are competitively priced, you’ll enjoy more purchases.

 Self-expression is another very import part of mobile

A commonly-overlooked fact is that a mobile device is often a person's only 'personal' computer. Desktops are typically shared in a household and IT departments at work have made sure that we never feel too much at home on our office computer.

So, to capitalize on this personal connection, marketers should devise a mobile strategy that helps consumers use their product as a way to express themselves. One company that has excelled at this in a surprising way is Coca-Cola. Its personalized Coke bottles and 'Share-a-Coke' selfie campaign have resulted in millions of photos of Coke products which would never have been taken without it.


We are no more in the olden days; the global village is now in realization. Each and every day, people keep moving into the global world. I foresee a great failure for those not using smartphone, because nowadays, human power is no more needed, technology is actually taking over.

For most of us, our phones have become a part of us. We would no more leave the house without the phone than we would without clothes.

But if you have a gadget you’re going to carry around with you everywhere, you really should get the most out of it. If you upgrade from a standard phone to a smartphone, there’s a whole world of new things you can do.

For example, you’re at dinner with some friends, and you decide to go to a movie. Unless you’ve planned ahead for this, how are you going to know what’s playing where? Well, you could go to the nearest theater and hope there’s something you like starting soon… but if you had a smartphone you could look up the movie times and locations while you’re still sitting at the table.

That’s because smartphones have web browsers on them, and if there’s something you want to know, you can look it up immediately wherever you are, and not have to wait until you can find a computer.


It Helps To Make Notes and Schedule Work
Making notes and scheduling tasks is an art that can make one’s life very comfortable. Students can use many note taking apps on their smartphones to adopt this useful habit. This can also help them keep track of their school work and different activities at home. Once students adopt the habit of scheduling, they have much better productivity as adults too!

It Helps In Communicating with Friends and Family

The smartphone is used very often for communicating with friends and arranging meet-ups. There is no doubt that being able to communicate has a number of benefits for people from any age group. This can also greatly aid the students if they are in any trouble and require assistance from a parent or an elder. The good people at e-Learning Info graphics maintain that students having a smartphone will study more efficiently than students who do not own one. This does not only involve more studying, but also good studying habits and tracking records to evaluate where they need to put in more effort.

It reduces your expenditures

Other than all the reasons mentioned above, it is a fact that mobile phones are relatively expensive than they used to be before, it was much more cheaper to have a mobile phone couple of years ago than what it is now. If you don’t want to buy your kid an expensive iPhone or any other smartphone, you can buy them a low-end Nokia or Samsung mobile that comes with basic features and does the pretty good job at it.

To be informed and not to be deformed

The world is spherical; smartphone helps you moving with the world.

It changes your status.