A cell phone or a mobile phone as most Africa’s will call it, is one of those items that a lot of people depend on these days for their day to day living and business, so choosing which one to buy is an important decision. There are many different models, from phones that really just make phone calls to tiny pocket computers like what Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, LG, Nexus and Apple make, which do everything except wash the dishes and help with kids. Which model to get is not the only choice to make; there is also the choice between new and Refurbished cell phones on suftel.com where a Refurbished Phone is usually a lot less expensive than buying a similar device new, as what most consumers are concerned is whether a Refurbished phone really works reliably.



The decision to actually buy a Refurbished cell phone has several parts, including the issue of whether buying any cell phone is really necessary. Other considerations include price, functions, risk, and which kind of cell phone is actually wanted. One thing to consider when buying a new or Refurbished phone is whether it is locked or unlocked. A GSM unlocked phone is available for use on any network. So, if considering a certain price point, a Refurbished GSM unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 may make more sense than a locked Samsung Galaxy S6, even if the S6 were to be new.



The most obvious reason to buy a Refurbished phone is price. A Refurbished phone is less expensive than a similar new phone, everything else being equal. Everything else is not always equal, and it is sometimes possible to find a deeply discounted new phone that is a better deal than a Refurbished phone would be. There are people who really like having the newest, flashiest gadget, but there are other people who really prefer to stick with what works for them. Companies, like Apple and Nokia, are constantly rolling out new designs that a user may or may not want.


Smartphones are especially complicated now that they include APPS, CAMERAS, and ACCESS WI-FI, and when they break down, manufacturers do know how to fix them and put them back on the market again. Because of this, Refurbished phones are 99% nearly as reliable as new phones, and they are usually much more affordable. Warranties can give buyers much more peace of mind, and consumers should not forget that it is possible to have a warranty on a Refurbished phone.


Once you have decided to BUY or SHOP for a mobile phone, remember that Suftel.com has listed new, and Refurbished mobile phones together, it is easy to compare Refurbished phones to the available new cell phone and get the phone that really is the best buy.

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